Hate Machine EP

by Jehacktet

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released September 14, 2018

Jehacktet are:

Wille – Vocals
Georg – Drums
Janice – Bass
Pedda – Guitar

Drums recorded by Florin Kerber
Guitars, Bass and Vocals recorded by Pedda
Mixed, edited and mastered by Pedda

Cover Artwork by Robert Zimmermann

In memory of BiRA (R.I.P.)


all rights reserved



Jehacktet Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Surgery Starts
01) Surgery Starts
(Music written by Jehacktet, lyrics written by Wille)

Breaks fail, head first
into the concrete

Shards of glass
in the forehead
Help is approaching
Tormenting hunger

Hours passing
Saline solution kicks in
Look in the mirror
Eyebrows´ dangeling

Breaks fail, head first, into concrete

Surgery Starts

Gaping wound
Stitches close the gash
Narcotics decrease
Last needle, total pain
Track Name: Powertrip
02) Powertrip
(Music written by Jehacktet, lyrics written by Pedda)

Whatever colors they paint with
Whatever methods they use
Whatever motives are fueling
No difference at all

Case in point
Fuck them all
Stories told by the victor are all the same

Whatever weapons they use
Whoever strikes first blood
Whenever they take action
They are all the same

Servants of death
False Masters idolized
Executing powertrip
As if they thought will we give in
Elitist, Fascist
Forcefed lies
To many people believing bullshit
All along it´s all the fucking same
Track Name: Hate Machine
03) Hate Mashine
(Music written by Jehacktet, lyrics written by Wille)

Consume destroys humanity
People categorised
Prosperity, middleclass, poverty
Noone helps each other
Looking away

Someone dies, others film
Social media, hate mashine

You are what you buy
You need shit to belong
If not, fuck yourself
Fake boobs, plastic ass
Instead of social competence

Human relations are fucked up
Track Name: Mett Demon
04) Mett Demon
(Music written by Jehacktet, lyrics written by Wille)

Little Hedgehog made of meat
Covered with onions, salt and pepper
Relish, juicy sight
It contains lost louls of pigs and cows

It comes at night to eat you up
Mett Demon
You are crushed inside the stomach
Eats your fucking face
Wrapped in plastic
Mett Demon
Excreted anal

He shows up once a year for blood moon
Made from cartilage and bones
Eats all people, his enjoyment
Hikes from door to door

(Only one lump of meat remains in rotten flesh)

Attacks with his telescopic arms
Lets you hang over his mouth
Covered with eith, hundreds of bones
Body is ground

Only one lump of meat remains in rotten flesh

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